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After over 20 years in designing terminals and airport related buildings, we can actually claim to be a “terminal specialist”.


Not satisfied with just interpreting functional diagrams, we have gone further into developing our own ideas for passenger processors, signage and furniture, the digital experience as well as dabbling with the terminal of the future.


Seamless travel equals seamless flows.

Could air travel be as simple as a wave of the hand?

Would we even need a terminal?

From the sky to the ground, what happens next in this transitory space?

From airside to landside, we push fear and boundaries to create unique solutions for our clients.



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Hin Tan is a director of HL Architecture in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Together with directors Martin Haeger and James Lindsey and more than 60 architects,
HLA continues to deliver high quality commercial projects throughout Malaysia and Asia. HTAL's will access this pool of resources when a project requires a large team.

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