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Senai International Airport, Malaysia

Hin Tan

Director, B.A Hons, B.Arch Hons

Hin Tan graduated from the University of Manchester and then Liverpool in 1984 and spent the next twelve years in London and Paris in a continuous period of “architectural gestation” during the glory days of British High Tech.


He matured in London's premier practices of Rogers and Grimshaw but found excitement in Paris... including standing outside the site gates of the Louvre Museum site in Paris, hoping to meet his idol I.M.Pei.


Working with Santiago Calatrava was a turning point. To lose one's childhood innocence twice, to survive the rigourous demands of Calatrava and to live to tell the tale; there is no greater architect's punishment (or baptism) than that. 


His critical eye runs through everything he sees, even as a child, spotting defects from far away...

''We bring forth our views, approach and values to the built environment, be there in interiors or in architecture. In this professional act of bringing together all the elements that constitute great design, we will exercise the highest skills, care and creativity''.                                                                                                       Hin Tan 


Meet the Founder

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Meet our Team


HIN TAN  |   Design and Managing Director

It’s great to be alive, to be part of a humanity that continues to advance society technologically. To be able to participate in change, to be able to innovate or to create something new no matter how small makes one’s  existence  worthwhile... and then to disappear.


Everything in life is work in progress.

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DAVID BONELLO  |   Associate Structural Enginner

A practicing structural engineer (BDPM Ltd.) as well as our “in-house” engineer, David has a broad experience of small and large complex projects within the commercial, industrial, retail, residential, defense, leisure, educational and aviation sectors.


His long years with WSP in London has cemented a thorough understanding of construction detailing and building interfaces crucial to a building’s success. Simultaneously trained as an architect, David has the creativity of an architect that makes his structural designs flow seamlessly into the architect’s designs. 

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INES GOMES  |   Part II Architectural Assistant

Masters in Architecture from the University of Lisbon, Portugal. Her interests in arts and love for traveling has allowed her to bring a uniquely creative approach to the architectural process. Coupled with a deep respect and understanding of the impact of culture and individuality, Ines aims to enrich the design process with such infusion.


“We shape our buildings, thereafter it shapes us”. As a primary interest, Ines looks to achieve a deep symbiosis for land, culture, and existing environment in architectural design; clearly reflected in her Master’s thesis. 

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RICARDO FONSECA  |   Part II Architectural Assistant

Ricardo graduated from architecture school in Honduras UJCV. Since graduating in 2016 he has been our assistant based in Honduras on versatile assignments whilst honing his communication skills between site and office.


Ricardo’s architectural interest lies with urbanism, fascinated by the way European cities work and the zeitgeist of such cities. He will no doubt continue to explore the old and new with a view to making “identity” a key plank of architecture.


ANDRE TAJCHMAN  |   Part II Architectural Assistant

Andre completed his Architecture Part 2 degree at London’s South Bank University in 2015. His seething enthusiasm for parametric design and complex structural shapes including sustainable solutions can often infuse the office with exploratory bursts.

The fact that “architecture is frozen music” exposes his artistic side.

Meet our KL Office Team Members:  

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