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Nizhniy International Airport


Terminal & Technology

HTAL has gained a global reputation as a significant practice dedicated to the fine art of terminal design. With more than 20 years of experience in aviation architecture, HTAL is now innovating the process, the experience and the architecture of airport terminals. This practice is now at the forefront of the digital terminal and the sustainable airport; leading the way on a new LCC terminal in Europe.


​Our design studio is headed by Hin Tan who has now clocked up 30 years in architecture since graduating from the University of Liverpool with honours in 1984.

HTAL  was  started  in  1999  with  its  first  award winning project for  the Port of Tanjung Pelepas in Malaysia. It has since gone on to design signature building and interiors for clients worldwide.  

Man overlooking skyline


We offer design services in the field of Architecture, Interiors, Furniture and most significantly aviation related projects. From landside masterplans to skirtings we compose with skill and care, working ceaselessly until the ultimate solution is found.

Ingenuity and invention are the hallmark of our design philosophy... an extremely high quality of conception from the micro to the macro, this is what we strive to deliver in every project. 

Space Planning


Architects Planning

​Our architectural services are characterised by the production of 3D design development presentations, high quality CGIs followed by highly detailed drawings. 


From the design of small spaces and objects, to buildings and local master plans , we apply our design skills to define and deliver a "must have" product to our clients.


Energy Efficiency Consultation

Design conquers all and that this world will only become a better place for us to live in through inventive design. That through a continuous process of redesign and seeking new solutions, architecture will reveal itself. There is a better solution just round the corner. 

Never be satisfied with the status quo by challenging established assumptions.

Bright Idea

New digital technology and the natural world. The terminal must continue to evolve into an artificially intelligent building capable of interacting with its customers and occupants. “Commodity, firmness and delight”,such old architectural values must be replaced with “digital connection, interaction and intuition”.


The digital revolution of the terminal is yet to come. The physical and digital shall one day merge into one natural experience. 


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