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Nizhny Novgorod International Airport

Nizhny Novgorod Airport Terminal, Russia
Project Description:
Client: Airport of Regions

The edge of the building is what defines its form in the landscape. Using the roof as a defining aerodynamic frame we first seek to frame the three elements in front of a large green area. The wavy glazed wall to the arrivals area is designed to merge with the trees in the distance.


Internally, one is greeted by a double volume space and immediate views of the landscape upon arrival. The asymmetrical roof which is opened at the right hand side of the building is floating as a free edge. The asymmetry enhances the corner of the building in terms of its open expression. The roof also suggest expansion is possible on this side of the terminal.


Location: Nizhny, Russia
Project status:  Construction finished in January 2013
Area: 62450 Sq.m (all 3 stages)


Images & Videos

NNID Landscape

NNID Landscape

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Curve Wall

Curve Wall

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