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Tirana International Airport


The importance of successfully articulating our Client’s needs and our architectural objectives can be seen in this truly delightful piece of building, landscape and services infrastructure. Tirana International Airport is designed as a simple mono pitch roof falling gradually towards the apron. The front of the building is high, creating the lofty height that characterizes the departures curbside and the market place. Over the departures hall, the roof is formed with deep trusses, and the gently curving soffit of perforated metal is used to conceal mechanical equipment. As one moves towards the departures lounge, the building height decreases.


The security hall is capped by a graceful catenary structure supporting light steel tubes to form a cage. Arriving passengers will experience Albanian hospitality immediately at the doorstep in the arrivals piazza. This space has been conceived as a Mediterranean outdoor space, south facing, semi protected with a bistro/cafe and a viewing platform. This is the “culture
space” that will distinguish this airport from the others. TIA will be a poignant reminder for Albanians that they have returned home.

Design Concept
   Client:  Hochtief Airport GmbH,
   Tirana Airport Partner SHPK
Project status: completed and operational March 2007 (Phase 1), 2009 (Phase 2)
Location: Tirana - Albania