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Tanarimba Villas

Project Description:
Client: Private

Located in the stunning forest covered hills of Tanarimba, the villa complex is designed to create an balance between the modern world, which we daily try to escape from and  practicality of a holiday home with the relaxation and peacefulness of a forest setting.

By trying to achieve a harmonizing approach with all the surrounding elements, the idea came to create a residential villa compound where several families on holiday may coexist using communal spaces as a relaxing retreat.
Potentially , this is an Airbnb / time-share holiday rental project.

The renters are greeted by a succession of inner courtyards and patios that are divided by Mies inspired wall planes. Each of these spaces with its own function: living, leisure, food preparation. All of them with certain connections to the external surroundings of lush vegetation.

Always respecting the terrain in which it stands we created a relaxation oasis that allows the residents to interact socially among themselves and, at the same time, retreat to their isolated living quarters for more private and reflective time. 

Location: Tanarimba, Malaysia
Project status:  Design Completed in 2019
Area: 960 Sqm


Images & Drawings

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