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Surgut International Airport

Chisinau International Airport, Moldova
Project Description:
Client: Airport of Regions

Surgut is a city located in the oil-rich oblast of Khanti-Manty Autonomous Okrug of Russia with a population of 348,643 (2016). The concept design of this competition called for a terminal of approximately 29,400m2 with a domestic peak hour of 1290  and an international peak hour 360.
The distinctive double-curved roof is the result of creating two high ceiling spaces over the international and departure lounges.

The low point of the main roof is then tilted back towards landside to enable melting snow and rain to be channelled away from the terminal footprint. A spine roof picks up passengers from the carpark and provides a “kiss and fly” drop off solution in addition to the regular curbside.
Design emphasis is placed on the airside and landside facades.

Location: Surgut, Russia
Project status:  Concept Design finished in March 2018
Area: 29443 Sq.m


Images & Drawings

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