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Residential Research


Super Condo-45.jpg
Project Description:
Location: Dubai, UAE

​This research project was made with the intention of experimenting the concept of in/out and external/internal spaces in a tower type building. 
The resulting design would have the possibility of being adapted and manipulated to be accommodated in different cities and environments.

The concept behind the design is to be able to overlook outside from any point inside the unit due to its cladding. The floors below offer outside space to the units above and the central core is used for various services.
The six incredible features of this design:

  • Each unit its on its own elevated “land”.

  • Each unit has all 4 walls to the outside, giving 360 views, air and light into the

  •  residences.

  • No physical walls between     neighbouring units.

  • Each unit has 2 outdoor spaces over the roof of the unit bellow.

  • Each unit will have different orientation and therefore alternative views.

Project status:  Research Completed in 2015


Images  & drawings

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