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Palmerola International Airport

Palmerola International Airport
Project Description:

We have designed an extremely efficient terminal building which can be measured by its functional clarity and operational simplicity. Planning efficiency is achieved by concentrating security and immigration processing as a straight-line process in the direction of the aircraft.

Likewise, the immediacy of the arrivals flow is achieved without a change in level.


The architecture of Palmerola Airport can be summed up as follows: an honest expression of its functions and characteristics using simple technology. Steel, glass and concrete are brought together in cohesive parts to form an intelligent environment utterly conducive for travellers, airport business and terminal operations. The cohesive design has been driven by these factors: minimalism as the basis for a sustainable green terminal; an environment as natural as possible with a sustainable approach, an inside-outside landscaped space without sudden changes in temperature or light level and creating the human scale.

Client: Palmerola International Airport
Location: Palmerola, Honduras
Project status:  Under Construction
Area: 45000 Sq.m (aprox.)


Concession Design 1


Concession Design 2


Concession Design 3


Site Progress Pictures

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