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Nevern Gardens


Nevern Gardens Office,Earl's Court, London
Project Description:
Location: Earl's Court, London, UK

The central idea behind the design was to seamlessly merge a new construction in an existing garden without it being seen by the surrounding residence. The mono pitched glazed form and the existing tall trees form a complete symbiosis, using the natural light as a defining driver in the project.

The glass portion of the shed is carefully positioned to avoid being seen by neighbours. Views out of the 2 bay windows at lower level fall onto landscaping and greenery. Externally, this glass conservatory is the only physical object along the garden wall.

The service area has been integrated into the garden as terraced lawn. This small area will disappear under greenery. The steps will match those of the rest of the surrounding garden, when implemented.

The right-hand end of the existing garden strip (when viewed from the front) is treated as a patio planted with trees, extending the visible greenery to the boundary walls of Nevern Mansions. The patio offers a small break-out space: its brick walls will be ivy covered to complete the garden effect. 

Project status:  Design completed in 2018
Area:  149.5 Sqm


Images & Drawings

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