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Montijo LCC International Airport

Montijo, Portugal
Project Description:
Client: ANA

The  terminal  of  Montijo  is  located  in a  portion  of  a  military  air  field. The purpose  of  this  terminal  is  to  relieve the  international  airport  in  Portela from  congestion  by  low  cost  airlines.


The  architecture  aspirations  above  and  the  reality  of  a  passenger terminal  as  essentially  a  hermetic people  processor  come  together  in  a few  intensive  weeks  of  brainstorming and  design  thinking.  Our  early instincts  were  to  see  Montijo  as  an opportunity  to  start  again  by  using technology  to  go  back  to  basics: looking  to  the  future  to  return  to  the past;  a  past  when  travel  was  easy and  stress  free  from  the  security driven  world  of  today.

Location: Montijo, Lisbon Southbay, Portugal
Project status:  "Estudo Previo" finished in August 2017
Area: 76000 Sq.m (aprox.)


Images & Drawings

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