MMC International Holdings

Design Concept

As with many high rise towers in the capital city in the seventies, the floor ceiling height was poor, allowing little room for spatial

exploration. The large rectangular core of the building incorporated in 1 escape stairs and banks of lifts, dominating the footprint of the tower.

Spread over a total of five full floors and one half floor, the client's brief provided for a hierarchical management style with clear requirements to house the various seniority of staff. A total of loo workstations were fitted into the floors along with board rooms, meeting rooms, receptions and IT rooms.

Our design objective was to create firstly a consistency of space

planning that would result in a plan form applicable to each floor.

In achieveing a common princible for planning each floor, we

succeeded in creating an aesthetic coherence between all the floors.

This was done in two steps: the first - identify and locate

social/public accessed areas immediately around the core and the second - to remove the false ceiling in those areas and allow the services to be exposed.

Location: Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia
Area: 31,350 sq.ft
Project status: Completed in 2007



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