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Mactan Cebu

International Airport

Mactan Cebu International Airport, Philippines
Project Description:

Our response to the tropical cli­mate of the Visayas is to cover the terminal layout with an overhanging roof that will pro­vide deep shading and protec­tion from the hot sun. This roof is essentially a straightforward construction of steel trusses supported on an 18m grid of columns.

The roof is cut up into sections symbolic of the islands. The gaps, roofed over with transparent ETFE membrane between the section represents the sea that separates them.

In many instances of recently completed airports, the management often push to incorporate “cultural features” after handed over in the hope that an instant identity can be created.

Here, we create the “resort” identity as an integral part of the building design, despite the cut off from the two levels by introducing features such as the shell, waterfall and the reflecting pools.

Client: Avialliance GmbH, Zurich Internatinal Airport
Location: Matcan Cebu, Philippines
Project status:  Completion of te Design November 2013
Area: 13202 Sq.m


Images & Drawings

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