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Lot 10 Forest in the City

Lot 10 Forest In The City, Kuala Lumpur
Project Description:
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Our Client's brief was to install 5ooom 2 of commercial space on an existing rooftop carpark which formed part of a shopping mall popularly known as Lot 10 in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. In an attempt to revitalize the mall and improve the usage of the re­ maining roof top car park, the Forest was born with a view to creating a throbbing green lung in the city center. The energy that resulted from the built form and its inte­ gral landscaping harmonized with the exciting programme of a large gymnasium, a theatre, a nightclub and a fine dining restaurant, centered around a green square.


Vertical gardens took hold and a solution of facades, leaning "origami" planes and greenery was found. Taking advantage of abundant rainf all in tropical Malaysia, rain­ water falling on these new roofs was harvested into new tanks and recycled to water the plants.

Project status:  Completed in 2008
Area: 5000 Sq.m


Images & Drawings

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