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Lifestyle Residences

San Pedro Sula Residential, Honduras
Project Description:
Client: Private

A statement piece in the city of San Pedro Sula, the Lifestyle Residences are a contemporary landmark  of residential and social distinction.

The 9-storey building  offers a variety of apartment sizes, parking, leisure, communal and multi purpose spaces. 
The attached proposal is composed of a housing typology defined in 3 basic modules:

  •  Residence of  70m2, with 1 room.

  • Residence of 90m2, with 2 rooms.

  • Residence of 120m2, with 3 rooms.

Designed taking into consideration the results of a previous residential research project, the opportunity arose to develop an (in)indoor/ (out) outdoor exploration project, creating moments of architectural interest by twisting rectangular shapes. 

Important goals of the proposal:

  •  Create an architectural Icon

  •  Crossed ventilation

  •  Homes with outdoor spaces

  •  Simple Construction

  • 4 vertical communication cores improving accessibility to homes

  •  Spacious common areas

Location: San Pedro Sula, Honduras
Project status:  Design Completed in 2017
Area: 24302 Sqm


Images & drawings

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