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Kota Bharu

International Airport

Design Concept

Our concept for the interior draws on two key streams:
1. The need for clarity, direction and passenger experience for the interior to work as a passenger terminal.
2. Cultural influences that define Kelantan to place the terminal squarely in Kelantan, that it can only belong here.


Space is defined by its walls, floor and ceiling and the dimensions that separate them, the light that falls on its surfaces. In a terminal, spatial clarity is of utmost importance in the realm of wayfinding and the functional use of that space.


The interior design approach of this terminal can be best summarised as a fusion of contemporary terminal spatial, functional and circulation clarity, and Kelantan’s cultural influences that mark the terminal as belonging to this state.
The terminal interiors must first and foremost read as a transport terminal whilst having the cultural and religious nuances layered on top.

Client: Euro Saga
Location: Kota Bharu - Malaysia
Project status: Tender Interior Design Finished in April 2018
Area: 65351 Sq.m


Images & Videos

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