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KOS Sihanoukville International Airport

KOS Airport, Sihanouk, Cambodia
Project Description:
Client: Vinci Airports,   Cambodia Airports

In seeking to express Sihanouk, one has only to look at Khmer history to find that quintessential element that defines Cambodia, past and present. The language of stone blocks is allowed to subtly influence the East and West elevations, they pull back to reveal the landside and airside elevations which are thoroughly modern; in itself these double walls reflect the passive solar energy measures we have introduced into the design. 

The modernity of this terminal comes from the striking approach to materials, space and daylight, long structural spans that has not yet been seen in local architecture. Nothing in this design is superfluous, every element has a function. Our further chapters on the Esplanade show how we connect KOS to the city of Sihanouk. 

Location: Sihanouk, Cambodia
Project status:  Tender Competition Finished in July 2019
Area: 57000 Sq.m


Concept A


Concept B

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