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ISP Shangai Laboratories

ISP Shangai Laboratories, Shangai, China
Project Description:
Location: Shanghai, China

The lab spaces were hewn out of industrial buildings belonging to the State. Yi Hong Technology Park is located south west of Shanghai, twenty five minutes from the city center. When the space was handed over, there was nothing but a bare floor and a bare ceiling and some sprinkler pipes.

The task was to design in what is known in the industry as Application labs and a lab for R+D. Separated by a nicely laid out roof garden, the two spaces available in Block A and Block B provided the perfect campus setting necessary to the image of a vital -life industry. ISP is a well established global supplier of base chemicals used in all forms of daily consumer products.

Block A will comprise three distinct labs of Biocides + Industrial, Personal Care and Pharmaceutical functions. Block B will house the new research and development lab directly controlled by the US main office.

Project status:  Completed in 2007
Area:  2885.5 Sqm



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