ISP Shanghai Laboratories

Design Concept

The lab spaces were hewn out of industrial buildings belonging to

the State. Yi Hong Technology Park is located south west of Shang-

hai, twenty five minutes from the city center. When the space was

handed over, there was nothing but a bare floor and a bare ceiling

and some sprinkler pipes.

The task was to design in what is known in the industry as Applica-

tion labs and a lab for R+D. Separated by a nicely laid out roof

garden, the two spaces available in Block A and Block B provided

the perfect campus setting necessary to the image of a vital -life in-

dustry. ISP is a well established global supplier of base chemicals

used in all forms of daily consumer products.

Block A will comprise three distinct labs of Biocides + Industrial,

Personal Care and Pharmaceutical functions. Block B will house the

new research and development lab directly controlled by the US

main office.

Laboratory design is controlled by two major publications originat-

ing form the US. These are the GMP (Good Management Practice)

and GLP (Good Lab Practice) documents that dictate the credibility

of a lab and hence, the contents that come out of the lab are certifi-

ably trustworthy. In both of the blocks we had to design to those

standards, in some areas akin to clean room conditions

Location: Shanghai - China
Area: 31, 059 sq.ft
Project status: Completed in 2007



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