Design Concept

The twin elements of a prime city centre site and a mixed commer­ cial brief can literally send the buildings sky high on a 1:8 plot ratio. This mixed development consist of a major Arts Museum and asso­ ciated food and beverage zones (10%), a commercial office and

retail complex (30%) and an array of high end residences (60%) grouped around an urban park.


The sketches show the evolution of the land use revolving around public spaces such as a square or park.


From a "glass cube" square to a series of themed squares, our pre­ occupation with outdoor spaces underscores our belief in giving prominence to a public realm that can enhance property value.

Twin iconic office towers forms the gateway to a residential park that is open to the public, leading to a complex of arts based compo­ nents with enough gravitas to form an art village that is sorely lack­ ing in Kuala Lumpur.


This master plan envisaged the ground level and levels immediately above and below as part of the city connected to other commercial nodes such as KLCC and Bukit Bintang via a monorail and covered walkways.

Location: Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia



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