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Eco World HQ

Eco World, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Project Description:
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Design Concept for an Ecologically Sustainable Office and Project Showroom  Water, creating life and urbanization. By way of a waterfall, water is expressed as a very important feature on the building.


A waterfall is an instantly recognizable feature with great feng-shui benefits. It is an auspicious symbol of wealth and a good life.  In this refinement, we have removed the river that flowed through the centre of the Galleria. The river has been replaced with an informal landscape of shallow edgeless reflective pools that are connected to the waterfalls as an integrated and active cooling system.


Some pools will have Koi fish and water hycinths and lilies, others simply reflective pools that can absorb ambient heat and give an impression of coolness. Combined with lush tropical planting, the interior of the Galeria becomes space where Air Conditioning may become unnecessary.

Project status:  Competition in 2014


Images & Drawings

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