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Dundas Street Residential Renovation

Dundas Residential Renovation, Edinburgh, Scotland
Project Description:
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland

This 200 year old Georgian apartment was in a neglected state, it’s architectural glory hidden behind recent alterations by the previous owners. Our intention is to bring back the Georgian details in their full splendour and grandeur  while modernizing it’s interior layout and life sustaining areas such as bathrooms and kitchen.

We will add three small toilets with minimal interference to the original layout. By carefully making openings in existing walls, thereby avoiding demolition, we will create two toilets out of one for Bedrooms 1 and 2.

When the kitchen to the rear principal room, we place the family-social area in a larger space. With making an opening between the principal rooms (being on the second floor), we hope to enhance both rooms by allowing sunlight from south facing windows to the front room.

These renovations will honour and respect the original characteristics of the time-line in which this apartment lived its golden days.
Combining these elements with the practicality and elegance of the modern flat.

Project status:  In construction
Area:  182.2 Sqm


Images & drawings

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