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Det Kongelige Theater

Det Kongelige Theater, Denmark
Project Description:
Location: Denmark

Our solution, depicted here, is a bold attempt at placing an architectural statement where it wants to be - the Kvaesthusgade, this historical promontory which is worthy of a new piece of modern architecture. Past a new public square created at the intersection of the Sankt Annae Plad’s axis, the park continues, eventually linking up with one side of Nyhavn, thus completing the city ‘edge’ in a definitive line. 


The stepped form of the main theater building is formed from a series of gait louvers 4,800 mm wide, supported on tapered columns and straddling the width of the buildings. These louvers that span the cross section are fabricated box beams from plated steel that contain heating and ventilation ducting, lighting and daylight control baffles. The columns in turn carry light steel work to support the cladding elements.

Project status:  Completed in 2000



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