Corporate Offices for SATS and GIIG

Design Concept

Our objective was to create a sense of place and provide a

continuous flow of space in an awkward plan and imbue it with an

internal "townscape" using a minimal palette of materials. We

created hierarchy from public to private domain. Ergonomics and

the human scale touched every element and we ensured that

daylight reached most parts of the working interior. In each of the

eight bays, rectilinear spaces were carved out for regular offices and

the remaining corners given to special areas. Out of the irregular

shaped spaces that were centered on each column were created

special rooms for senior managers.


Privacy to each personal space was a design issue. Whilst visitors

are allowed into the depths of the office, they should not be able to

gaze onto documents lying on desks or read information on desktop

monitors. A combination of rooms and open plan workstations were

to be provided for each office

Area: 13,482 sq.ft
Location: Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia
Project status: Completed in 2002



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