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Chisinau International Airport

Chisinau International Airport, Moldova
Project Description:
Client: Avia Invest LLC

The new terminal has a footprint of 37,000m2 to be located on 3 alternative sites. All three sites lacked depth for passenger flow and car parking. This problem was solved by adopting a hybrid finger pier-terminal that is turned 90 degrees to the apron on a plot to the right of the terminal. The chosen site allows further expansion to the east without disrupting apron operations and to the west by re-occupying apron in front of the existing terminal.

 The effect of this move is to create a deep plan that stretches into the airfield. Existing roads could be extended into the terminal plaza whilst the parking complex located below the departures level was easily stacked to take advantage of the sloping terrain. Hovering high above the trunk road, the terminal has high landside visibility whilst airside, passengers have 360-degree views of the apron and surroundings.

Location: Chisinau, Moldova
Project status:  Tender Competition Finished in September 2018
Area: 37000 Sq.m


Images & Drawings

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