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Bayu Condo

Residential Renovation

Project Description:
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The starting point for this renovation was to uplift an old fashion apartment into a more open plan scenario by opening up the space and merging the kitchen, living and dinning into a common area.
The end result is a free flowing contemporary breeze ambience apartment, 7 floors above tropical Malaysian trees.

The kitchen space layout was re-thought, creating a glass divider between this space an the living room, protecting it against potential smells but maintaining their visual connection.

The flooring was changed to a natural wood in a darker tone, generating a bigger contrast with the white walls that, with a new coat of paint, help bring the light in.

New furniture was selected to give a more modern feel to the apartment, both in the living space and dinning room- which can be turned into a meeting/ office area.

Project status:  Completed in 2019



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